Queenscliff and its picturesque harbour is home to our headquarters.  Located on the Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff provides the ideal position for surf exploration of the Great Ocean Road and Bellarine Beaches.  Queenscliff is surrounded by copious surf hot spots and our expert crew are only too happy to share their knowledge of these locales with you.  Some of the surf spots our coaches/guides will take you to include, Ocean Grove Main Beach; Torquay Main Beach; Point Addis; Winki Pop.

Ocean Grove Main

Located on the Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove Main Beach offers two kilometres of wide, moderate to low beach breaks.

Torquay Main

One of the more calmer Torquay beaches, Mains offers a wide and shallow surf zone.  Great for learning to surf.

Point Addis

Situated 15 minutes from Torquay, the Point Addis surf break is a slow breaking wave ideal for intermediate surfers.

Cosy Corner

As the name suggests, Cosy Corner is a protected alcove located in Torquay.  The gentle swell makes for perfect learning-to-surf waves.

Urquharts Bluff

Located on the Great Ocean Road in Angelsea, Urquharts Bluff offers up a number of breaks therefore catering to a range of surf skills.


Being the longest stretch of beach on the Great Ocean Road, Fairhaven’s magnitude of breaks cater to all capabilities.  

“Absolutely amazing. The instructors were so good with the kids. My daughter had the best day with her friends for her birthday. Highly recommended these guys."